Thursday, February 25, 2010

I think I'm addicted to wreath making.....

I love, love, love making wreaths! Last year I got bored and made a fall-ish wreath and I absolutely loved it! I loved it so much I donated it to the church so they could sell it at their bazaar and what do you know... it actually sold! It was my first wreath and I was really happy I wasn't the only person who liked it! ha ha

Since then, I've made another fall wreath and a Christmas wreath (which I must say turned out really good)



But it's been a few months and I'm feeling that "itch" to wreath! I wanted to make a valentines day wreath but I never got around to it.. so tomorrow my mission is to drop by Hobby Lobby (my favorite store) and see if they have anything left in their Valentine's section.. if I'm lucky they will have useful items at 80-90% off!! If not I'll check Michael's and if there's nothing there then I'll probably just have to wait until next year. Ooh, or maybe I can paint the pre-cut wooden hearts and glue them on a wreath..... hmmmm..... I seem to be ironing out my ideas as I type. ha ha ha Well, all I know for sure is this weekend I WILL make a wreath! :)


  1. I LOVE wreaths, too!! I think I may have one in almost every room in my house...and of course, they are all color-coordinated with each room :) AND..I have one for every 'season' to hang on the front door...I wonder if there is a "Wreath's Annonymous" group we should belong to!! LOL!!

    I love your Christmas wreath...beautiful! This year, mine was all white and silver, with white doves on it :)

  2. And here I was wondering if I was the only one with an addiction to wreath making. lol I want to make one for every season too! All the small holidays included! lol I keep asking my husband if he thinks I have a problem... his response... "errr.... no comment" lol

    Ooh, I love those colors. I bet that's a beautiful wreath! At the end of the last Christmas season I stocked up on the wreath picks so I can make a Christmas wreath for my kitchen to use this season!

    I'm not sure why, but wreaths always put a smile on my face! lol :)

  3. TGIF and FF, what a great way to end a week.
    I love your wreaths and I am not a wreath lover. You did a fantastic job.
    I've got lots more to read about you so will be heading back to your blog to see what else I love.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  4. Thank you! And come on back and read anytime! :)