Saturday, February 27, 2010

If only the dog could eat pizza...

We went to Petsmart to buy food for Andy-Bear and boy were we in for a rude awakening! We spent a whopping $123 on food alone! On the drive back home Gavin, our 5 year old, must have heard us talking about how much we had just spent on dog food and he asked us "Why don't we just feed Andy pizza like us? It's like... only $5... or something... and it tastes really good. Well, at least me and my brother like it!" We couldn't help but laugh.... I love the things kids say! LOL Unfortunately Andy-Bear can't partake in our love for pizza so I'm hoping this 30 lb bag of food lasts him the whole month or longer... but the way this puppy eats... psh... I'm having my doubts. I'm pretty sure he went through a 15 lb bag in 1 week! Okay, I'm exaggerating, it was longer than that but it just seemed like the bag finished so quickly! We decided to be smart this time and buy the 30 lb bag and we threw in some canned  food to give him a few flavor choices.. I just wasn't expecting to walk out of there having spent as much as we did. LOL

After I put his kibbles in the vittles vault (which by the way is an AWESOME pet food container) I started stocking the shelves with his new canned food. This was his line up:

That's when it hit me!...... The dog eats better than we do! Needless to say, I felt guilty during dinner because my kids were eating pizza (again) and the dog was eating Country Chicken Stew. Which, by the way, smelled sooo good! It had REAL chicken chunks, vegetables and potatoes in it... I was wowed! Andy absolutely loved it and he even asked for seconds! With science diet he hardly ever ate his food and it sure didn't smell anywhere near as good as this food did!

Moral of the story..... We need to eat more like the dog!

As much as our family likes pizza (we eat it most days out of the week) I'm sure they would LOVE a home cooked meal! So please feel free to send any quick & easy recipes or great cooking websites my way!


  1. Hi Friday follower---I saw ya'll are in Texas too- so are we in the DFW area! :)
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    We have 2 large dogs and we buy a 50 pound bag of dry food, it's made by Disney called "Ol'Roy" and we get it at Kroger...a 50 pound bag for like $17!!!!! It's way affordable and my dogs love it!

    Tangie (3boyzmom)

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  4. wow! maybe we ought to put off getting a dog ;)

    We need to eat more like the dog

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  6. Here's quick meal idea.

    1 box of chicken broth
    1 package of smoked sausage like Hillshire Farm
    2 cans of green beans
    3 or 4 large potatoes

    Put the broth in a big pot. Cut up the sausage and potatoes into chunks and dump in. Drain the beans and dump in. Boil until potatoes are fork tender. 20 minutes or so.

    It's easy, fast and tastes like it simmered all day.

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  7. Jo Shabo: We are only about 2 hours away from you guys! We live in a small city with not much to do, so we can never seem to get enough of the DFW! lol

    3boyzmom: Thanks for following back! We tried Ol' Roy with our dog but he turned out to be allergic to it. :/ He's allergic to corn so there are a lot of foods he can't eat. Before we got a dog, I had no idea dogs could get allergies!

    Jenn: Thank you for following back and, yes, late is better than never! lol :)

    Michelle: We've only had Andy (our puppy) for a few weeks and he has cost us a lot of money so far! But, I think most of it was just the initial cost. Once we fully get settled the only expenses will be vet bills and food. Plus, Andy has food allergies so he can't have anything with corn in it, and corn is an ingredient in many of the more affordable commercial brands. But, he has brought our family so many blessings and memories that we wouldn't have had if he hadn't been here! So we're happy to provide for his special needs! :)

    Cassie: Thanks for taking the time to follow! Come back anytime! :)

    Mommie Daze: Thank you for the recipe we really appreciate it! It sounds tasty and I like that it's easy! I'm going to try it tonight! :) :)

  8. I hope you visit my blog often, as my recipes are NOTHING BUT EASY! I do not like to cook, but do it as part of my job as a mommy.

    I have a blog entry on creating a weekly meal plan. Check it out!

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  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Easy dinners, try hot dogs in boxed mac and cheese with a few bits of brocolli tops. It's easy, the kids love it. Even Wilbur (our dog) loves the left overs.
    I'm off to read about you and get to know you better. Take care and have a blessed afternoon.