Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010!

Every Easter we say we are going to do something special as a family but we usually don't do much. Well, I'm excited to say Easter 2010 was different! The night before Danny and I stayed up late putting together their Easter baskets complete with chocolate bunny, animal crackers and Veggietales dvd's! We also made them bunny ears like the pair Gavin made at school, and we cut out a cross using colored foam sheets and decorated it with the holy spirit, Hearts that said "He is Risen", the word Love, and a big heart that said victorious! We were planning on using to compliment the Easter story Danny planned on telling the kids and we were hoping to start a kid-sized discussion about what it all meant.

On Easter morning the kids found their treats and were super excited! We started the day by going to church, then we came home and we boiled eggs for the kids to dye. Danny sat around the table with the kids and told them the Easter story about the resurection of Christ, then Danny and Gavin sat there discussing the awesomeness of Jesus, it was so cute! While they talked I baked an Easter egg cake from scratch (both the frosting and cake)!! Then they dyed their eggs, ate the cake and of course we took plenty of pictures of them in the process. After the eggs were all dry and decorated, Danny hid their eggs in the front yard and we had a little Easter egg hunt for them. Then we ended the festivities with cascarones, hanging out with eachother and eating chili dogs!

Here are just a few pictures!

Their Easter spread the night before..

Easter morning..

Daddy discussing the AWESOMENESS of Jesus Christ with the boys!

Our three little Easter bunnies

Dying the Easter eggs, we put Timmy's egg in a whisk so he wouldn't drop it.

Our "from scratch" Easter egg cake

Easter egg hunt!


Hanging out in the front yard :)

and finally, digging through their baskets to see what they found.

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  1. Haha, this is great! I would have never though of putting the egg in a whisk. Geeze, my imagination only takes me as far as what makeup colors to combine to go with the perfect outfit! :x Looks like a lot of fun. I just re-lived easter with you! Thanks! :-D